Vision meets Intelligence

Add a full-suite of artificial intelligence services to your entire camera & monitoring systems, seamlessly.

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Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition models can be trained on any face with a high degree of confidence.

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Person Re-Identification

Identify persons moving from one camera to another throughout your facilities.

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Object Detection

Detect any type of object on your cameras. Our models can be taught to recognize any object.

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Vehicle Classification

Learn the make, model, color of every vehicle that enters your facilities.

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Licence Plate Reading

Accurate real-time license plate reading that can be integrated with any camera.

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Real-Time Video Processing

Run any of our state-of-the-art tech on many cameras concurrently.

Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips

Empower your camera & CCTV systems with a full-suite of Artificial Intelligence solutions. We can do it, no matter the hardware.

Attendance Management System

State of the art facial recognition system that can run on any camera system. Check people in and out of their daily work schedule, disallow buddy-punching, integrate with your ERP and save your business countless hours.

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Retail Customer Analytics

Use our advanced software and get insights on how many people are entering and leaving your facilities, heat mapping, and demographic profiling on a daily basis.

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Vehicle & Parking Management

Run our software on your cameras to get a full parking and vehicle management system. Get information on the types of vehicles that enter and exit your facilities as well as warnings to prevent overstay.

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Intelligent Security Analysis

Our AI can be customized to see any type of object and inform security personnel of unauthorized persons and warn them of unattended objects in a perimeter.

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