SkyVision Intelligent Security Analytics

SierraOne SkyVision is built using state of the art Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms for video analytics.

System performs video analysis on full network of CCTV cameras 24/7.

System notifies persons interested when certain activities are noticed via dashboard and SMS/email.

System can run without an internet connection for maximum security.

Person Tagging & Monitoring

SkyVision detects and monitors the activities of people within the cameras.

Simply clicking on a person within a camera’s video provides you with a liveupdated breakdown of the persons movements within your property.

Object Detection & Recognition

SkyVision detects over 80 different objects and can be trained to detect any object you may be interested in.

Get notified in situations such as when baggage is left unattended or a vehicle is parked in a no parking area.

Surveillance of Persons of Interest

Motion Detection

SkyVision detects and logs whenever motion occurs within in any of your camera’s views.

Secure facilities such as server rooms or vaults and have a detail breakdown and when motion is detected.

Entrances & Exits Monitoring

SkyVision can monitor entrances and exits to count the number of people entering and exiting your property.

Unauthorized Access Detection

SkyVision can be configured with access times for different facilities of your property.

Get notified when a person is detected attempting to access a property outside of its access time window.

Real-Time Activity Reports

SkyVision provides real-time activity reports that show you at a glance what is going on at your property throughout the day.

View statistics and monitor how various metrics change over time.

Search, filter and export data that is important to you.

3D Visualization of Property

SkyVision provides powerful 3D visualizations demonstrating the flow of people/visitors to your property on a 3D model of your property.

Highlight the movement of a person throughout your property with arrows showing where and when they have been.

Alerts & Notifications

SkyVision performs video analysis 24/7 and sends notifications to the dashboard when different activities are detected, minimizing the need for security guards to monitor every camera.

SMS and/or email alerts can be sent out when certain activities are detected.

Integration with Access Control Systems

SkyVision can be integrated to work with modern access control systems.

License Plate Recognition

SkyVision has a powerful engine for license plate recognition that is specifically trained for Qatari plates and can be trained for any country’s plates too.

Get information such as how long a vehicle has been parked within your property, and a full history of when a license plate number has been seen.

Whitelist plate numbers for access control and get notified when a none whitelisted vehicle has over stayed their allocated parking spot

Facial Recognition & Voice Recognition

SkyVision employs the latest generation facial recognition algorithms as well as voice recognition to perform access control and identity verification.